We have the highest safety standards in the industry. Although many tours say they’re safe, few can tell you exactly what they do to make it so, but we can!

  • We only use internationally-certified, superior-quality materials, components and equipment and we use conservative equipment and element capacity limits. We inspect our equipment and tour elements incessantly and document every detail.
  • Our double-line traverses and comprehensive safety line systems provide unsurpassed risk reduction.
  • We use a time-tested operations system that incorporates internationally recognized high angle techniques proven effective for risk management in high adventure tours.
  • Since our staff are the heart of the operation, our training program is the most comprehensive in existence. Guides receive extensive instruction and practice so they can operate the tour professionally and safely.

Minimum Requirements for Participation

All participants must meet the following minimum requirements. While we do not wish to exclude anyone from enjoying the zipline adventure, we reserve the right to do so if necessary to keep all our guests as safe as possible.

In order to participate you must:

  1. Be able to walk 15 minutes uphill over uneven ground unassisted and without walking aids.
  2. Weigh less than 135 kilograms and fit in the equipment (harness, helmet and gloves) in a safe manner as determined by the Head Guide.
  3. Be able to be on a small platform approximately 5 ‘stories’ high without experiencing excessive anxiety or reactions such as dizziness, fainting, hyperventilation, unresponsiveness or vomiting.
  4. Be at least 3 years of age. Children under legal age (18) must be accompanied by an adult. There is no maximum age.
  5. Be able to understand directions and comply with rules.
  6. The tour is not recommended for persons with asthma, balance problems, epilepsy, heart problems, some disabilities, back, neck or shoulder problems or those who are pregnant.
  7. Intoxicated persons or persons using drugs or medications that may affect balance, concentration, coordination or judgement, may not participate.


In spite of all that we do to ensure your safety this type of activity has implicit risks that cannot be predicted nor completely prevented. Fortunately most of these risks are relatively minor ones such as the possibility of receiving cuts, bruises, muscle strains, small friction burns or insect bites; however, although serious accidents are highly unlikely, there is the potential for life-threatening injury on the tour. As for most adventurous activities, participants must sign a waiver prior to doing the tour and are at their own risk and responsibility. If you would like more information regarding the risks or insurance coverage, please ask.

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