Each tour departure time accommodates a limited number of people – up to 16 guests accompanied by 5 guides. We must know that you are planning to zip with us so that we can schedule guides and staff to take you on your adventure.

Use our online reservation system to book your tour or simply call our reservations:

Landline +679-672-6045

Whatsapp +679-999-2150

Viber +679-999-2150

Mobile +679-930-0545

We suggest booking at least two weeks in advance of your desired date to ensure a variety of tour departure times are available to choose from. Large groups will want to book as early as possible. Keep in mind that Zip Fiji’s cancellation policy — one of the kindest in our industry — allows you to change or cancel your reservation provided you call at least 48 hours before your scheduled tour time. While reservations are always required, last-minute bookings are often available on tour times that are not yet fully booked.
Zip Fiji is proud to have one of the kindest cancellation policies in our industry! While many other tours offer no refund within 7 days – and sometimes as many as 14 days – before a scheduled tour date, we know that your plans may change. With this in mind, Zip Fiji’s cancellation policy is:
  • All reservations require a credit card (Visa/Mastercard) to secure the booking (please note you card will not be charged until 48 hours prior to your tour)
  • Reservations cancelled more than 48 hours in advance of the tour will incur no penalties
  • Reservations cancelled within 24 – 48 hours will result in 50% cancellation fee
  • Reservations cancelled within 24 hours or less will result in 100% cancellation fee


The zipline adventure does not demand great physical ability. Guests from age 3 to 90+ have successfully completed Zip Fiji tours! During the tour you will be standing and moving around with few opportunities to sit down. The hiking portion of the tour is not long, but you will be walking on uneven terrain. Full range of motion in your arms, shoulders, neck, and back are required.

Be able to walk 15 minutes uphill over uneven ground unassisted and without walking aids and have sufficient mobility.

Weigh less than 135 kilograms and fit in the equipment (harness, helmet and gloves) in a safe manner as determined by the Head Guide.

Be able to be on a small platform approximately 5 ‘stories’ high without experiencing excessive anxiety or reactions such as dizziness, fainting, hyperventilation, unresponsiveness or vomiting.

Be at least 3 years of age. Children under legal age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no maximum age.

Be able to understand directions and comply with rules.

The tour is not recommended for persons with asthma, balance problems, epilepsy, heart problems, some disabilities, back, neck or shoulder problems or those who are pregnant.

Intoxicated persons or persons using drugs or medications that may affect balance, concentration, coordination or judgement, may not participate.

Yes, the maximum weight limit for each participant on the tour is 135 kg. This limit is not determined by the capacity of the elements or equipment but is required because body weight affects the crossing speed on the traverses under the effect of gravity and momentum and individuals who weigh more than the limit could have difficulty controlling their speed, endangering themselves and other participants standing on the platforms.

Please check with our reservationist if you have any concerns about this.


A zipline adventure is an exhilarating activity in which specially trained personnel help guests with no previous experience or special skills traverse over ziplines (horizontal steel cables), from platform to platform, supported by specialised climbing equipment, to experience the forest canopy environment in a safe, entertaining way.
Our zipline adventures include transportation from your hotel. If you are driving please contact us for details Click Here
We have scheduled group tours daily (including Sunday and holidays) year ’round, departing from our Welcome Centre at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. If you’re using your own transportation, plan to arrive at the site at least fifteen minutes prior to the start time.
The zipline adventure lasts about 3 hours depending on the size and needs of the group.
Wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirty or wet and that will not interfere with the adjustment of the harness or helmet. Most of our guests do the tour in shorts, T-shirt and running shoes; skirts, dresses and bathing suits are not appropriate. Closed-toe sport shoes provide the best protection for your feet however strap-on sandals are acceptable; you may not do the tour in bare feet.
We don’t recommend that you take your belongings with you on the elements since they can interfere with the equipment and you risk losing them. Items in pockets (wallets, cell phones, keys) have a tendency to be pushed out by the harness straps. A water break is included on the tour. Water bottles, backpacks, and/or belt-style packs are not permitted. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property and we cannot recover items that are dropped from the tour elements.
Yes! Cameras are permitted provided they have a strap and can be secured to your gear. We suggest point-and-shoot style cameras rather than ones with large lenses. GoPro video cameras can be accommodated if you bring along the helmet strap accessory (helmet sticky-mounts do not work).
That’s part of the fun! The tour operates in all weather conditions except when there is lightning overhead, high winds or especially-heavy rain. Usually, we only wait a short time until conditions improve; however if we are unable to do the tour within a reasonable time, we will reschedule you for a later time. Keep in mind that the tour is located in a rainforest and so a little ‘liquid sunshine’ is to be expected, but we don’t let it dampen our fun!
We have the highest safety standards in the industry. Go to our Safety Information page for more information, click here
  • We only use internationally-certified, superior-quality materials, components and equipment and we use conservative equipment and element capacity limits. We inspect our equipment and tour elements incessantly and document every detail
  • Our double-line traverses and comprehensive safety line systems provide unsurpassed risk reduction
  • We use a time-tested operations system that incorporates internationally recognised high angle techniques proven effective for risk management in high adventure tours
  • Since our staff are the heart of the operation, our training program is the most comprehensive in existence. Guides receive extensive instruction and practice so they can operate the tour professionally and safely
No, our insurance only covers participants who use our equipment.
Sorry, for the enjoyment of all participants and the protection of the equipment, elements and environment you can’t smoke on the tour, however we do have a smoking area for your use just before we depart for the elements.
No, the physical demands are minimal; if you meet the minimum requirements for participation you are strong enough to do the tour.
No one is ever pressured to participate, if after the first zip line you feel you can’t continue, no problem, we’ll walk you back to the Welcome Centre.


Zip Fiji tours are spread across extremely challenging terrain and a large area. For safety reasons, access to the course is exclusively limited to employees and guests actively participating in the tour. Unfortunately there is no area where you can observe the entire tour but you can watch the start and finish.
Zip Fiji tours require active participation. Your Canopy Guides will teach you everything you need to know about steering (remaining straight forward on the ziplines) and braking yourself. Braking is easily accomplished by applying a steady downward pressure using your gloved palm pressed against the lower cable you are zipping on. The courses are designed to gradually introduce you to the experience and allow you to “get the hang of things” before longer, faster ziplines. In addition to participants braking in this way, Canopy Guides also operate back-up brakes in the event a participant has not slowed themselves adequately when zipping across. Redundancy is key at Zip Fiji! Two braking systems are better than one!
Because we believe that experiences that require something of participants are, ultimately, more rewarding! Rather than being an amusement ride (as many ziplines are), Zip Fiji experiences require that you learn new skills—and time after time, our guests report that feeling a true sense of accomplishment is one of the reasons Zip Fiji is so fun and rewarding!
We don’t permit tandem traversing with adults due to the potential risk of excessive velocity; however children age twelve and under can ride with a guide if desired.
Yes, children age 3 and up can participate.
In the event of severe weather, such as lightning or sustained high winds, Zip Fiji may choose to cancel your tour. Advance notice may not be possible. Tours that Zip Fiji cancels because of severe weather are offered a rain check or a full refund. Should severe weather occur while you are on the tour, Zip Fiji may discontinue your tour. Discontinued tours are offered a full or partial refund that is based on your location on the course at time of discontinuation.
No, guests do not require any previous experience or special skill to participate in the zipline adventure as our specially-trained, English-speaking guides accompany you to facilitate your safe and enjoyable progress through the tour. The guides explain and demonstrate techniques and procedures and provide ecological, cultural or historical information as well.
Fear is a normal and healthy reaction. Everyone feels nervous at the beginning of the tour and some may find the experience challenging throughout, however our guides will do everything possible to support you and to provide you with a low-pressure, achievable experience. No one is ever pressured to participate, if after the first zipline you feel you can’t continue, no problem, we’ll walk you back to the Reception Centre.
Abseiling or Rappelling is the controlled descent down a rope in caving and canyoneering. We teach participants to abseil in a traditional manner (where the participant controls their speed), but we also use devices that ensure a slow, controlled descent even if the participant were to let go of the rope for any reason. At Zip Fiji, redundant safety systems are key!
Sorry, for the enjoyment of all participants and the protection of the equipment, elements and environment you can’t smoke on the tour, however we do have a smoking area for your use just before we depart for the elements.
Yes, located inside the Welcome Centre next to our office.
We are open year round including holidays from; 9:00 am – 5:00pm.