High angle equipment allows us to experience the tour and the environment and protects us from injury. We use Petzl® brand equipment known for high quality and innovation. All the equipment used in the zipline adventure is meets internationally-recognized manufacturing standards such as the International Union of Alpine Associations (UIAA) and European Committee for Standardization (CE/CEN) and are rated to withstand many times the weight and force experienced on the tour. We inspect our equipment regularly and keep records of inspections to track the condition of each item throughout its lifespan.

The basic equipment used by all participants in the zipline adventure includes: helmet, harness, lanyard, carabiners, pulley(s) and gloves. Sorry, due to insurance requirements guests must use the equipment provided and may not use their own.

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The seat harness supports the body as part of our safety system and our transportation system. Our guests use a highly-adjustable, minimalistic harness that provides support with movement restriction.


In addition to the seat harness, many of our guests use a chest harness as well to enhance stability on the zip lines.


The pulley is the main component of the transportation system. Because our traverses are double-line systems, each participant uses two pulleys specifically designed for the high speed transportation of people on traverses.


Carabiners are an important part of our safety system and our transportation system. We use them whenever we connect to something on a relatively temporary basis. For safety we only use carabiners with a locking sleeve for life-support applications to prevent accidental opening.


The helmet protects the head from falling objects and overhead obstacles. We use a streamlined, lightweight and high-adjustable helmet for maximum comfort and protection.


The safety lanyard connects the participant to the transportation system and to the safety system. We use a specially-manufactured double-lanyard (not hand-tied webbing or rope) for maximum safety.


The gloves are an important piece of safety equipment to protect the hands from injury from pulleys as well as form part of the braking system used on the traverses.

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