Fiji Zipline – Ecological & Cultural Responsibility

Every year, Zip Fiji receives guests from all over the world, many of whom have little or no knowledge about the ecology or the people of our region. We believe that not only is the canopy zip line experience and thrilling adventure, but it also provides a unique opportunity to share ecological information and to promote respect and understanding between cultures.

The zipline adventure concept is inherently sustainable as:

Low-impact Construction Methods

We use a lightweight, modular element design that conforms to the environment and leaves little or no footprint upon removal. Elements are anchored in a way that doesn’t impair tree growth or health. Trees are not perforated (no nails, bolts or screws) and buffering materials are used to protect them from abrasion. Vegetation is tied back rather than removed. During construction of our tour, the builders used single rope aid-climbing techniques to gain access and did not use spikes to climb trees, no heavy machinery was used to avoid damage to roots and soils and no endangered or threatened species were harmed in any way.

Responsible Policies and Procedures

Our operational policies and procedures are based on recognized environmental protection and conservation practices as well as cultural sensitivity and preservation concepts.

To this end we:

We hire exclusively from the local area and provide all training for our staff which enables men and women with no previous experience and little formal education to gain employment in the tourism industry. This enhances the standard of living of our employees and their families as well as promotes economic growth in the village.
The tour operates in all weather conditions except when there is lightning overhead, high winds or especially-heavy rain. Usually, we only wait a short time until conditions improve; however if we are unable to do the tour within a reasonable time, we will reschedule you for a later time. Keep in mind that the tour is located in a RAINforest and so a little ‘liquid sunshine’ is to be expected but we don’t let it dampen your fun!

Getting to Zipline Pacific Harbour

The simplest, most convenient and cost-effective way to get to the Zip Line Pacific Harbour Adventure is through our all-inclusive package which includes which includes zipline adventure, round-trip transportation and light refreshment.

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