Abseil the Cliffs and Caves of Nadi

WaterfallPeople come here to Fiji to take a break from their frantic pace of life and have an adventure. And what could be more adventurous than rappelling down a steep cliff – or launching yourself down into a cave that’s 40 meters deep?

Zip Fiji’s Ultimate Adventure

Abseil (rappel) 40 meters into a spectacular cave and then explore Fiji’s most picturesque and special place: “The Tau Caves”. Just imagine yourself flying past the stalactites! You’ll be truly amazed with what’s hidden underneath.

The Tour includes 4 abseils and 16 ziplines. The minimum age is 10, and the minimum amount of participants is set at 3. All you need is comfortable clothing and shoes that have a good grip to them. We provide everything else.

We follow the complete Nadi Zip Line Tour, but at certain points, we go off the trail to explore caves and do abseiling. Some of our abseiling caves are quite deep – like open pits – with ladders to climb back up.

What’s Included:

  • 16 Zip lines (Longest 235 meters)
  • 27 Different Platforms Stations
  • 4 Abseils
  • Guided tour of caves and wildlife along the course.
  • Detailed safety briefing and personal equipment fitting.
  • Free R/T air condition VIP shuttle from Nadi Area is included.
  • Free Thai meal with bottled water


  • Approximately 4 hours plus transportation


  • Available Daily (Pickup times 8:00am & 1:00pm)

 “Rock Face” and “Swat Team” Abseils

cave-descent-fijiOn our Abseiling Tours, we have two types of abseils:

●      Rock Face Abseils: The type that are off rock cliffs,  and you “walk yourself down”.

●      Swat Team  Abseils: The type that lets you experience being suspended in mid air and flying down the helicopter rope with nothing there.

The Abseil Tours generally include a few “rock face” type abseils up to 40 meters in height.

Get ready to have a revitalizing experience; abseiling with Zip Fiji is an adventure you’ll never forget.

Contact us now for information, or to book your Tour.